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Dinosaur Douglas Books offer an exciting, fun way to explore health-related subjects, including oral health, vitamin D, hand-washing and obesity for Early Years children. Written in rhyme, the books are ideal for bedtime reading and literacy.

Dinosaur Douglas and the Beastly Bugs

Dinosaur Douglas and The Beastly BugsA new, dynamic approach to oral health.

This book is definitely the best children's book we have read about the importance of brushing your teeth. (British Dental Journal)

£5.99 plus p&p

BIG BOOK Dinosaur Douglas and the Beastly Bugs

The BIG BOOK edition of Dinosaur Douglas and the Beastly Bugs is ideal for group work and teaching.

£18.99 plus p&p

Difficult Days for Dinosaur Douglas

Front-cover-DifficultDaysThis book uses the familiar, loveable character of Dinosaur Douglas and his friends to explore toxic stress and help children through difficult times they may experience.

£5.99 plus p&p

Dinosaur Douglas and the Yucky Mucky Fingers

cover_Yucky Mucky This fun book encourages children to wash their hands to stop the spread of disease.

Heather's splendid Dinosaur Douglas series continues to inform and educate young children . . . while at the same time telling a brilliant
story in rhyme. (Books Monthly)

£5.99 plus p&p

Dinosaur Douglas Has Fun in the Sun

Dinosaur Douglas has fun in the sun This is the first picture book to discuss the importance of sunshine and vitamin D for healthy growth in children.

A bestselling children’s author has joined forces with paediatric consultants to create a book aimed at helping children understand the importance of getting Vitamin D by playing outside. (Mail on Sunday)

£5.99 plus p&p

Dinosaur Douglas and the Rumble Grumble Tum

cover_DDgrumble This book helps children appreciate why they should avoid sugary treats, and eat healthy food and exercise instead.

£5.99 plus p&p
Special offer: All five Dinosaur Douglas standard-size books £24.00 plus p&p
Special offer: Two BIG BOOKS Dinosaur Douglas and the Beastly Bugs £34.00 plus p&p

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